Legs Up for Luck: Photographer and Wife’s Unconventional Pregnancy Journey in Sicily

Sicily, Italy – In the quest for conception, some women engage in post-coital rituals like raising their legs in the air for a period of time, hoping to increase their chances of getting pregnant. While this practice lacks scientific backing, it remains a common trope in popular culture and a part of generational fertility beliefs.

Photographer Juergen Teller and his creative partner, Dovile Drizyte, found themselves exploring this tradition while trying to conceive during a vacation in Sicily two years ago. Teller, known for his artistic collaborations with Drizyte, humorously suggested this well-known fertility myth to his wife after intercourse as a way to improve their odds of pregnancy.

Their unconventional approach to fertility rituals led to a humorous and artistic collaboration that resulted in a published book titled “The Myth.” The visual series showcases nude images of Drizyte set against the backdrop of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Lake Como, Italy, with a focus on symbols of femininity, motherhood, and fertility found throughout the hotel’s art collection.

Through their creative process, Drizyte and Teller delved into themes of anticipation and transformation, capturing moments that reflect the uncertainty and humor that comes with preparing for parenthood. Despite the physical and mental exhaustion of the five-day shoot, the couple found inspiration in the hotel’s ambiance as they embarked on this artistic journey together.

The project, which coincided with Drizyte’s pregnancy, added a sense of urgency and serenity to their work as they navigated the challenges and joys of expecting a child. Teller’s prior experience at the hotel, combined with the support of the hotel’s owners, allowed the couple to immerse themselves in a unique creative process as they prepared for the arrival of their baby.

Drizyte’s reflections on the project underscore the unpredictable nature of conception and the emotional significance of this period. The artistic endeavor served as a form of preparation and reflection for the couple, offering them a shared experience as they awaited the next chapter of their lives as parents.

Ultimately, the collaboration between Teller and Drizyte not only resulted in a visually striking body of work but also provided them with a meaningful journey of exploration and discovery as they embraced the uncertainties and joys of impending parenthood.