Life By You, Paradox Interactive’s potential Sims 4 rival, canceled – CEO admits failure

Stockholm, Sweden – Paradox Interactive’s highly anticipated life simulation game, “Life By You,” has been officially canceled, leaving fans disappointed and questioning the future of the genre.

Deputy CEO of Paradox Interactive, Mattias Lilja, made the announcement on the company’s forum, expressing regret over the decision to call off the release of “Life By You.” The game was initially slated for an early access launch on June 4 but faced multiple delays, with the final postponement leading to its ultimate cancellation.

The game’s development was plagued by setbacks, with Lilja noting that despite efforts to improve the title with each delay, the path to a satisfactory release remained uncertain and prolonged. The decision was described as a difficult but necessary one for Paradox Interactive to ensure the quality and enjoyment of their games for players.

In a press release, CEO Fredik Wester acknowledged the financial impact of the cancellation on the company’s second-quarter results. Wester highlighted the need for Paradox Interactive to reassess their project management and organizational strategies to maintain consistency in quality and deliver on promises made to players.

“Life By You” was a venture by Paradox Tectonic, led by industry veteran Rod Humble, known for his work on popular simulation games like “The Sims” and “Second Life.” The game aimed to distinguish itself in the competitive life simulation genre with intricate role-playing elements, but unfortunately, it will no longer see the light of day.

With the cancellation of “Life By You,” the landscape of life simulation games has shifted, leaving room for other titles like “Paralives,” “inZOI,” “Project Rene” (also known as “The Sims 5”), and an untitled project from Midsummer Studios to make their mark in the industry. Despite the setback, Paradox Interactive remains confident in their position with a strong game portfolio and financial standing for the future.