Lizzo’s Grammys Appearance Sparks Outrage – Controversial Platform Given Amid Sexual Harassment Controversy

Los Angeles, California – Lizzo’s appearance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday was met with criticism from the lawyer representing three dancers accusing the singer of sexual harassment. The controversial choice for organizers to have Lizzo present the award for Best R&B song was questioned by barrister Neama Rahmani, who represents the accusers. Rahmani expressed disappointment in the Recording Academy for giving Lizzo such a platform amid the ongoing controversy.

The civil lawsuit against Lizzo was brought forth by dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez in September. They alleged that Lizzo pressured them to engage with nude performers at an Amsterdam club and shamed one of them for her weight gain before firing her. The lawsuit also includes charges of sexual, religious, and racial harassment, as well as assault and false imprisonment.

Lizzo, in response to the suit, denied the allegations and claimed that the dancers were “guilty of unclean hands” due to ethical breaches. She further stated that the contracts the dancers signed when they joined her tour were subject to arbitration and gave them the chance to mediate before going public with the suit.

The singer’s legal team emphasized that the business had implemented anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and complaint procedures, which the dancers allegedly failed to follow via internal protocols. Lizzo’s spokesperson, Stefan Friedman, assured that the artist would vigorously defend herself amid the allegations.

Rahmani, the attorney representing the dancers, stated that the recent legal proceedings indicate that Lizzo has agreed to their demand for a jury trial. He expressed the intention of presenting the case in court and allowing a panel of peers to decide the truth.

In a rebuttal statement posted to Instagram, Lizzo called the accusations ‘sensationalized’ and claimed that the dancers suing her have admitted publicly that they were told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional. She expressed hurt over the allegations but vowed not to let them overshadow the good work she’s done in the world.