Carentan-les-Marais, Normandy, France – Harold Terens, a World War II veteran, recently returned to Normandy, France, where he had once fought in the aftermath of D-Day. This time, however, Terens was there for a much happier occasion – his wedding to his 96-year-old fiancée, Jeanne Swerlin. The couple’s love story began three years ago in New York City but culminated in a beautiful ceremony in the historic town of Carentan-les-Marais.

After participating in the 80th-anniversary commemoration of D-Day, Terens and Swerlin exchanged vows in a symbolic ceremony that was not legally binding. However, the couple expressed that they considered it official and did not plan to pursue legally binding vows in the United States. The joyous occasion was attended by both family members and townspeople, as the couple celebrated their love surrounded by their loved ones.

Terens and Swerlin’s unique love story unfolded after both had experienced the loss of their previous spouses. Terens’ wife of 70 years passed away in 2018, while Swerlin lost her partner of 24 years in the following year. Despite their individual tragedies, the couple found love in each other at the age of 96 and embarked on a whirlwind romance that led them down the aisle in Normandy.

Their wedding ceremony was intimate yet meaningful, with the couple exchanging rings, sharing Champagne, and waving to well-wishers from a window after the ceremony. The town’s mayor, Jean-Pierre Lhonneur, officiated the ceremony, where Terens and Swerlin expressed their love for each other and their hopes for a peaceful world. Their love story, filled with serendipitous moments and unexpected twists, captured the hearts of those present at the event.

Following the ceremony, the couple traveled to Paris, where they were greeted by French President Emmanuel Macron and attended a state dinner with President Biden. Despite the whirlwind of events, Terens and Swerlin remained steadfast in their love for each other, looking forward to a long and happy life together. As they prepared for their honeymoon in Paris, the couple reflected on the journey that brought them together and the joy that awaited them in their new chapter of life.