macOS 15 Sequoia Revealed: iPhone Mirroring, Safari Updates, and Cross-platform Passwords App!

San Francisco, California – Apple unveiled the latest macOS 15 Sequoia during its WWDC 2024 event on Monday, showcasing features like iPhone mirroring, updates to Continuity, automatic window tiling, and a new cross-platform Passwords app. The developer beta is already available, with public betas set to roll out later this month.

One standout feature of macOS 15 is the iPhone mirroring capability, which allows users to control their iPhones directly from their Mac computers. This feature enables users to receive phone notifications on their Macs and even pass audio through their computers – essentially providing a non-touchscreen interface for the iPhone.

With the new update, Apple has also enhanced Safari with various features, such as highlights that utilize machine learning to identify interesting content on web pages. Additionally, updates have been made to Reader mode, including summaries, tables of contents, and a new Viewer mode for in-page video content.

A significant update comes to Keychain with the introduction of a new cross-platform Passwords app that can securely store a wide range of account credentials, including Wi-Fi passwords, passkeys, verification codes, and shared passwords. This app will be accessible on iOS, iPad, Mac, VisionOS, and Windows devices, providing a seamless password management experience across various platforms.

Overall, macOS 15 Sequoia brings a host of new features and enhancements to Apple users, promising a more integrated and efficient ecosystem across multiple devices. The introduction of iPhone mirroring, updated Safari features, and the new Passwords app exemplify Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience in its software updates. With the developer beta already available and public betas on the horizon, Apple enthusiasts can look forward to exploring and experiencing these new features in the coming weeks.