Man destroys more than $1 million in wine

WOODINVILLE, WA – A mysterious figure, donned in a cowboy hat and poncho, has eluded local law enforcement after causing havoc at a Washington state winery. The culprit is responsible for the destruction of $1 million worth of wine, leaving behind only a puddle of alcohol and a shadowy figure on the security camera footage.

Upon returning to their drenched warehouse after the Thanksgiving holiday, Sparkman Cellars employees were greeted by the overwhelming scent of spoiled wine, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

The security video from November 22nd revealed the events that unfolded after the employees had secured the premises for the night.

The yet-to-be-identified intruder, dressed in attire reminiscent of the Old West, gained access to the facility using a keypad code at the employee-only entrance. The surveillance footage shows the enigmatic trespasser entering the barrel room and draining two tanks, each holding 2,500 gallons of white wine.

After observing the resultant wine flood, the suspect made his exit, disappearing into the nearby woods under the cover of a dark umbrella. It remains unknown if he toasted his destructive feat with a glass of the spilled wine.

According to the media, the owners estimate that the equivalent of 25,000 bottles of wine, amounting to $1 million before considering the extensive clean-up costs, was lost in this incident.

The winery had just completed the barreling process of its wine following a successful harvest season, as reported by King 5 News. The employees are now in a race against time to find solutions and fulfill their orders.

The King County Sheriff’s Office, unavailable for comment at the time of reporting, has yet to identify a suspect. The investigation continues, and anyone with pertinent information is encouraged to contact the detectives.