Man found dead in pool at Airbnb home

Rowlett police are currently investigating the death of a man who was discovered unresponsive in a swimming pool. Authorities are also searching for a man who was seen fleeing from the scene. No arrests have been made at this time. As the investigation unfolds, neighbors were instructed to remain indoors.

On Tuesday morning, Rowlett police cordoned off a residence at the intersection of Indian Trail and University Drive, using crime scene tape. According to authorities, at approximately 8:30 am, a pool employee found the deceased man and immediately contacted emergency services. Upon arrival, officers observed a man fleeing on foot, prompting the Texas Department of Public Safety to deploy a helicopter in search of the individual. A woman inside the home was subsequently transported to the hospital, while multiple children were taken into the custody of Child Protective Services.

The cause of death for the man found in the pool has yet to be determined, and his identity has not been released by the police. Authorities have not confirmed whether foul play was involved or provided details on the relationships between the individuals present at the residence. However, investigators have disclosed the discovery of drugs at the scene, leading them to involve the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, neighbors were advised to secure their homes. Kenneth Jones, who resides next door to the incident, revealed that the property in question is a short-term rental. Multiple listings for the four-bedroom home were found on Airbnb, although it remains unclear how long the current tenants had been staying there. Jones recounted hearing the sound of children on the other side of the fence the previous evening, indicating their recent arrival. The following morning, he witnessed three young boys in the front yard, visibly distressed in the presence of law enforcement.

The Jones family, who have lived in the neighborhood for over a decade, expressed concerns about the short-term rental property next door. They claim that over the past two years, the constant turnover of tenants has disrupted the tranquility of their community. Jones cited instances of marijuana use and suspicious activity, including individuals loitering on the streets and sidewalks late at night. Despite attempts to contact the owner of the property, who is reportedly out of the country, no response has been received. Airbnb has also not provided a statement regarding the incident.