Man tries to stick McDonald’s worker’s head in deep fryer during fight

HIGH POINT, NC – A North Carolina pastor found himself in hot water last week after he allegedly assaulted a McDonald’s employee. During the violent attack, he attempted to plunge one of the worker’s heads into a deep fryer.

The incident reportedly occurred after Dwayne Wayden’s wife, who was undergoing manager training at the restaurant. His wife called him to complain about a colleague’s disrespectful behavior toward her.

According to the High Point Police Department, the 57-year-old pastor was so infuriated he stormed into the fast-food establishment. He then wrapped his hands around the neck of Theodore Naquan Garlington and attempted to push Garlington’s head towards the deep fryer. Wayden also reportedly punched Garlington in the face multiple times before he was pulled away by other employees.

The high drama left Garlington, 34, nursing a sizeable bruise on his forehead and right eye. There were also scratches on his neck from the altercation. He was later rushed to the hospital by his family in order to receive medical treatment.

Store security cameras captured the incident, enabling officials to apprehend and charge Wayden with assault and battery. Upon his arrest, a $1,000 bond was set. It is yet unclear if Wayden has engaged legal representation.