Manhunt for mass shooting suspect in Georgia

Authorities in Georgia are on the hunt for a man suspected of fatally shooting three men and a woman. The suspect, identified as 40-year-old Andre Longmore from Hampton, Georgia, is considered armed and dangerous, according to Hampton Police Chief James Turner. The lethal shootings occurred in a subdivision in Hampton, a city located about 40 miles south of Atlanta. The city that these shootings took place in only contains about 8,500 people in total.

Law enforcement officials are investigating multiple crime scenes that are all in close proximity to each other. However, the motive behind the series of shootings remains unknown. The victims’ identities have not been released as authorities work to notify their families about the criminal activity that resulted in their loved ones’ deaths.

Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett announced a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of Andre Longmore. In a direct message to the suspect, Sheriff Scandrett warned that law enforcement would relentlessly pursue him, no matter where he may be hiding. The manhunt involves various local law enforcement agencies and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who are working together to track down the suspect and gather evidence.

The recent shootings in Georgia mark the 31st mass killing of 2023. This large sum of murders resulted in the loss of at least 153 lives this year, according to a database.

The shooting rampage has left the community of Hampton in shock and mourning. Local residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities in order to contribute to the ongoing investigation.