Mass shooter leaves 22 people dead, 50 injured in Maine

LEWISTON, ME – A horrifying series of shootings unfolded in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night, leaving at least 22 people dead and over 50 injured. The perpetrator, still at large, struck at multiple locations, including a bowling alley and a restaurant. Law enforcement sources have identified the possible suspect as Robert Card, a 40-year-old resident of Boutin, Maine, with a military background as an Army Reserve member stationed in Saco.

The suspect’s troubling behavior had raised red flags in the past. Sources revealed that Card had recently reported “hearing voices” and had made threats to harm the National Guard Base where he was stationed. He had even been committed to a mental health facility over the summer but was subsequently released after a two-week stay.

Maine State Police issued a warning to the community, urging residents and businesses to secure themselves and remain indoors. The agency emphasized that Card should be considered “armed and dangerous.” Local authorities did not provide specific details about the shootings or the victims but did share images of the suspect carrying a rifle on the Androscoggin Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

The shootings took place at various locations, including Sparetime Recreation bowling alley, Schemengees Bar and Grille Restaurant, and a Walmart distribution center. Emergency personnel responded to these incidents, with assistance from neighboring towns, including those from New Hampshire.

As the tragic events unfolded, Lewiston public schools, where parent-teacher conferences were in progress, went into lockdown. The district later announced that there would be no school on the following day, as the situation remained fluid and uncertain.

Governor Janet Mills and President Joe Biden were both briefed on the mass shooting, with the Governor urging residents to follow law enforcement’s guidance and the President continuing to receive updates on the unfolding situation.

This shocking incident has rocked the community and left many unanswered questions as authorities work tirelessly to apprehend the suspect and piece together the events that transpired on that fateful night.