Mass shooting at Dollar General store leaves 4 dead, including gunman

A mass shooting at a Dollar General store in Northwest Jacksonville, Florida, has resulted in the deaths of four individuals. The incident unfolded on Saturday afternoon when an armed suspect barricaded himself inside the store. Emergency services, including a SWAT team, swiftly responded to the scene on Kings Road.

The suspect’s parents had reportedly contacted the Clay County Sheriff’s Office after discovering a troubling manifesto. Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan confirmed the presence of multiple fatalities, expressing her distress over the growing number of mass shootings. The suspect’s motive and the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear.

The shooter claimed the lives of at least three victims before his own demise. It is yet to be determined whether the suspect was taken down by law enforcement or if he took his own life. The shocking gunfire prompted a wave of panic among locals, who gathered in the street to form a prayer circle alongside political leaders. One witness narrowly avoided entering the store, realizing he had no money, only to hear gunshots moments later.

Eyewitnesses also reported that the suspect had been spotted on the campus of Edward Waters University before making his way to the Dollar General store. While on campus, he aroused suspicion by putting on a ballistics vest near the library. Efforts to apprehend the suspect on the university campus were unsuccessful, as he managed to evade security personnel. In response, the university issued an alert to students, urging them to remain in their residence halls.

Law enforcement authorities have cordoned off the area on Kings Road, near Cascade Apartments, where the shooting broke out. Residents have been advised to avoid the area.