Mercy Plea: Pamela Smart Appeals to Gov. Sununu for Compassion in Sentence Reduction

Manchester, New Hampshire – Pamela Smart, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in the death of her husband Gregg Smart in 1990, has requested a meeting with Gov. Chris Sununu to discuss the possibility of a commutation hearing for her life-without-parole sentence. Smart, now 56 years old, has been incarcerated since her conviction in 1991.

In a video message shared through a public relations agency, Pamela Smart expressed her remorse, accepted responsibility for her husband’s death, and highlighted the personal growth she has experienced during her time in prison. Smart emphasized her willingness to have an honest conversation with Gov. Sununu and the New Hampshire Executive Council about her incarceration, acceptance of responsibility, and any concerns or questions they may have.

In a heartfelt letter addressed to Gov. Sununu, Pamela Smart acknowledged that it took her decades to fully admit her responsibility for her husband’s murder. She expressed deep regret for the choices that led to her husband’s death, acknowledging the pain and suffering her actions caused. Smart also mentioned facing challenges during her incarceration, including physical assaults that required medical attention.

Despite facing multiple denials for a commutation hearing, Pamela Smart remains determined to seek compassion and mercy in potentially reducing her sentence. She highlighted the impact of her lengthy imprisonment on her aging parents and expressed a desire to care for them in their final years. Gov. Sununu reiterated that Smart will undergo the same process as any other individual petitioning for a commutation or pardon.

Through her representatives, it was revealed that Pamela Smart is believed to be the longest-serving female inmate at New York’s Bedford Hills Women’s prison. Smart reflected on her personal growth and maturity over the years, acknowledging her past mistakes and demonstrating a commitment to self-improvement and introspection.

Following the release of all four men involved in Gregg Smart’s murder in 2015, Smart’s case continues to spark debates and discussions about justice, rehabilitation, and the impact of prolonged incarceration. Despite the challenges she has faced, Pamela Smart remains hopeful for a second chance and the opportunity to demonstrate her growth and remorse to the authorities.