Meta-Defining Decks Revealed for Murders at Karlov Manor – Check Out the Latest Strategies for Standard!

It’s a pleasure to once again contribute to MTG Arena Zone, the platform where I began my career as a writer for DotGG Network. Time has passed, but Magic still resides in my heart.

As a new set is on the horizon, the tenth installment in this plane, Ravnica continues to deliver game-changing cards for all of Magic’s constructed formats. Murders at Karlov Manor is no exception.

In this piece, I will share decklists featuring cards from the new set that either incorporate existing archetypes or establish new strategies for Standard. Undoubtedly, MTG Arena seems to be the most intriguing format for me at the moment.

Gruul, a deck that has firmly established itself as a strong aggressive option, is a standout. The list has undergone several refinements, undoubtedly reaching an optimal build in my view.

This particular build typically runs 21 lands and 3 Play With Fire. In my opinion, considering the significance of enhancing the attack of our creatures, retaining all the pump spells, and playing with only two Play With Fire along with one less land in exchange for two Fugitive Codebreaker seems perfectly acceptable.

Moving on to the Merfolk deck, the introduction of an infinite combo using just 3 cards as a win condition in Standard is certainly a compelling aspect. Pairing this with the deck’s traditional tribal playstyle adds an extra layer of power to the strategy.

Then there’s Domain Ramp, the most frequently played deck in the format. Although the absence of Invasion of Zendikar may seem unusual, variations that opt to play only 3 copies of this card – or even none at all – have surfaced. This presents an opportunity to experiment with the case of the Locked Hothouse slot.

Next up is the Golgari Midrange, a deck that has had its share of ups and downs in Standard. However, the addition of several new tools from Ixalan suggests that the archetype remains a viable option in the meta.

Rounding out the discussion of archetypes, Rakdos Sacrifice has transformed from a force to be reckoned with in Pioneer/Explorer into an archetype that simply cannot be ignored. The synergy between Krenko, Baron of Tin Street and Crime Novelist with the Oni-Cult Anvil presents an incredibly formidable combination.

Finally, Mono Red makes its inevitable appearance in the conversation as a consistent and go-to archetype, particularly in uncertain times when new strategies and card combinations are being explored.

This article lets us revisit numerous archetypes that may have taken a back seat, thanks to new and strengthening cards. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to explore newly feasible combos for many of the top-tier decks. The next set promises a wealth of incredible cards, challenging us as deck-builders and Magic players.

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