**Meta Stock Plummets in Market Selloff! What’s Next for NVIDIA?**

New York, NY – The stock market today experienced significant volatility as major indexes initially dropped sharply at the open, only to trim losses within 90 minutes of trading. Despite midday losses remaining light, Meta Platforms, the owner of Facebook, faced a significant hit, while Nvidia, another key player, also experienced a rocky start but managed to recover most losses by midday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, after erasing an early 0.6% loss, edged slightly higher with the help of UnitedHealth rising over 12 points, or 2.5%. Meanwhile, Nike also performed well, up more than 2 points. However, both stocks had poor Relative Strength ratings at 25 and 20, respectively.

Meta Platforms, despite seeing a decrease of up to 5%, managed to reduce losses to under 4%. Shares still held a notable gain of 37% since the beginning of the year. Additionally, Nvidia swung from a loss of nearly 4% in the early hours of trading to a 1% increase later in the morning, remaining comfortably above the key 21-day exponential moving average, indicating stock strength.

The stock market, particularly the Nasdaq composite, briefly dipped below 16,000 but rebounded to 16,055 by mid-morning, showing a slight decline. The Nasdaq’s year-to-date gain of 7.2% trailed behind the S&P 500’s 7.4% increase. Furthermore, the Russell 2000 dropped nearly 0.5% by early afternoon, despite showing a gain of almost 3.3% over the past two weeks.

In terms of individual stocks, Meta Platforms has played a pivotal role in leading the tech sector’s advance since November. While the stock has surpassed its breakout point, it is approaching a potential new entry point if it tests the rising 10-week moving average. With impressive year-over-year increases in earnings and sales, the company is gearing up to report its first-quarter results later in April.

In other sectors, tech stocks like Marvell Technology and retail stocks like Academy Sports & Outdoors and Abercrombie & Fitch experienced notable movements, with some facing downward trends following recent rallies. As investors brace for upcoming inflation data, the market remains on watch for further developments and opportunities.

Overall, the stock market continues to show resilience amid fluctuations, with key players in various sectors navigating through challenges and opportunities to maintain growth and stability. As the market landscape evolves, investors remain vigilant and strategic in their decision-making processes to navigate through uncertain times.