Microsoft Teasing New AI Super Resolution Feature for PC Games in Windows 11 – See What They Have Planned!

SEATTLE, Washington – Microsoft is reportedly on the verge of introducing its own AI upscaling feature for PC games similar to Nvidia’s DLSS technology. The feature was discovered by a user named PhantomOcean3 within the latest test versions of Windows 11, describing it as an automatic super resolution that utilizes AI to enhance the smoothness and details of supported games.

This potential introduction of a DLSS-like feature by Microsoft echoes the existing technologies offered by Nvidia, AMD, and Intel, all of which aim to enhance gaming performance through AI upscaling. As these technologies continue to gain popularity among PC gamers, it is evident that Microsoft is looking to join the ranks with its own version of AI upscaling.

While Microsoft has not officially announced this feature, it has become a focal point of interest for gamers and industry experts alike. The specifics of how the feature will work and whether it will require specific hardware remain unclear. However, it is anticipated that Microsoft’s entry into the AI upscaling space will shake up the dynamics of the market.

In addition to the AI upscaling feature, Microsoft is also working on enhancing color management for Windows 11, particularly for the latest OLED monitors that leverage HDR technology. The absence of a robust OS-level color management system in Windows has long been a pain point for PC gamers, and the upcoming changes are expected to address this issue by integrating color management into the main display settings area.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s vision for improved color management includes the integration of color profiles for sRGB and DCI-P3, along with an automatic feature to control these profiles. These developments signal Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the overall visual experience for PC users and addressing longstanding grievances related to color management on Windows.