Missing teen was shot in the head by his friends when all of them fired guns at a house

MONTGOMERY, AL – A Montgomery teenager, who was reported missing last week, met a tragic end when he was accidentally shot in the head during a retaliatory gunfire exchange, according to court testimonies.

Michael Anthony Cole Jr., 16, was reportedly with two other teenagers, Nedvin Maynard Jones Jr., and Nicholas Treyvon King-Sheppard, both 18, and two other individuals. The group targeted a house on January 25, suspecting the resident of stealing one of their firearms.

Detective A.C. Patterson testified that the fatal shot hit Cole Jr. in the back of the head accidentally amidst the gunfire. The detective also mentioned that the teenager’s body was found in a severely burned condition.

The family of Cole Jr. reported him missing on January 26, the day after the incident. His body was later discovered on January 29 on Selma Highway. The police have charged Jones Jr. and King-Sheppard, stating that they were known to Cole Jr.