Mom and daughter arrested for killing grandma in apartment parking lot

SIOUX CITY, IA – A horrifying incident in Sioux City, Iowa, has resulted in the arrest of a mother and daughter duo after a woman was discovered dead in the parking lot of their apartment complex. The Sioux City Police Department has charged Jessica Bino and Angela Bino with first-degree murder in connection with the tragic event, with the victim identified as Jessica’s grandmother, Suzzette Occhibone.

According to court records, the three women, Jessica Bino, Angela Bino, and Occhibone, resided together in an apartment at 607 Virginia St. On the fateful Thursday night, an argument erupted between Jessica Bino and her grandmother, which drew Angela Bino into the dispute.

Angela Bino initially remained in the bedroom but eventually joined the argument in the living room, according to court records cited by the Sioux City Journal. Both women allegedly assaulted Occhibone with their fists during the confrontation.

Further details from court records suggest that Angela Bino admitted to the police that she used a glass candlestick to strike Occhibone multiple times in the face and also employed a hammer in the assault. Meanwhile, Jessica Bino reportedly entered the kitchen and retrieved a butcher knife.

Witnesses in the vicinity, just before midnight, reported seeing Jessica Bino dragging the victim’s lifeless body towards a park within the apartment complex’s parking lot. It is believed that she was attempting to place the body in the trunk of a vehicle.

The police were alerted to the situation, and upon arrival, they discovered Occhibone’s lifeless body. Despite their efforts, officers pronounced her deceased at the scene. Subsequently, both Jessica Bino and Angela Bino were located in their apartment and taken into custody. Investigative efforts reportedly uncovered evidence of the stabbing inside their residence. Presently, both women are being held on bonds set at $500,000.