Cruel mom arrested for beating, choking, and burning her teenage daughter

KINGWOOD, TX – A local mother is facing serious charges after allegedly assaulting her teenage daughter over religious attire and a cooking mishap, according to Harris County prosecutors. Sittarh Mazhar Khan, 36, was taken into custody early Wednesday morning, as per court documents. She is being accused of family violence, impeding breath or circulation, and causing bodily harm to a minor.

The charges that the mother received stem from two separate incidents that involved Khan’s 14-year-old daughter. The first incident was reportedly triggered by the teenager’s refusal to wear a hijab, a head covering worn by some Muslim women. Khan allegedly became enraged when she discovered her daughter had not worn the hijab to school, leading to a violent altercation. During this fight, the teenager was beaten and choked by her mother until she completely lost consciousness.

The second incident involved a dispute that the mother and daughter had over pita bread. Khan allegedly became irate when the bread was overcooked, leading to an alleged assault where the teenager’s arm was forced onto a hot oven rack. The teenager now has three burn marks from where she was exposed to the oven. The details of the incidents, including whether they occurred simultaneously or were reported separately, remain unclear.

Prosecutors initially requested a total bond of $75,000, but a hearing officer set the bond at $20,000 for both charges. Khan is expected to appear in court on Thursday morning. The 14-year-old victim is currently under the care of Child Protective Services. Khan’s defense attorney has yet to comment on the allegations.