Mom murdered by 13-year-old son inside their apartment

HIALEAH, FL – A horrifying murder has left a Florida community in shock. A 13-year-old boy allegedly killed his own mother in their Hialeah apartment, all while a newborn baby was present. According to Hialeah Police officials, the disturbing event unfolded around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday at 211 West 79th Place. The teen called the police himself, confessing to the murder, which prompted an immediate response from officers.

After the police arrived, officers discovered the lifeless body of a 39-year-old woman in her bedroom. A 14-day-old baby, unharmed, was found in a crib nearby.

A neighbor captured the moment when Hialeah Police officers instructed the teen to exit the apartment with his hands raised. Cellphone footage depicts the teen complying, being taken into custody by an officer, while others entered the residence.

In a chilling revelation to detectives, the 13-year-old admitted to stabbing his mother while she slept. He took photographs of the crime scene and shared them with a friend on social media. Moreover, he informed the same friend via phone that he had killed his mother, as stated in an arrest report. Hialeah Police spokesman Eddie Rodriguez expressed the profound sorrow surrounding the incident.

The baby is reported to be the half-sibling of the teen. The mother’s husband, who is the teen’s stepfather and a truck driver, was out of state when the tragedy occurred but was en route home. Neighbors identified the victim as Irina Garcia, who had recently given birth to the baby only days ago.

The 13-year-old has been taken into custody and is expected to face a second-degree murder charge. He is an 8th grader at iMater Academy in Hialeah, described as a good student with no history of mental health issues.

Detectives are diligently working to determine the motive behind this horrifying act. Although the teen dialed 911 himself, he has not provided a clear motive for the crime. According to news sources, he called the police out of fear that he might harm his sister and himself. As the investigation continues, prosecutors are considering charging the teen as an adult.