Mom shot dead in front of 8-year-old son while getting groceries from the car

DECATUR, GA – A heart-wrenching tragedy unfolded in DeKalb County as police intensify their search for the assailant who brutally gunned down a young mother in front of her own son. Six days after the devastating incident, the killer remains at large, even actively engaging on social media, leaving the victim’s friends and family desperate for justice.

Niah Boykin, a close friend of the victim, expressed her frustration, saying, “I am upset because it’s day six, and the person who did this is still not caught. He’s still out there.” Alongside her, Kenya Cuffie, another dear friend of the victim, revealed the pain they’ve endured since learning of their best friend’s tragic ambush and subsequent death.

Raesha Heard, the victim, was fatally shot while getting groceries from her parent’s trunk in their driveway on Kelley Chapel Road. The horrifying aspect of this tragedy is that her 8-year-old son witnessed the entire ordeal, leaving both friends and family traumatized.

Cuffie added, “Words can’t explain how bad it hurts. For them to have had to witness that, it is just unexplainable. It’s so hard.” It’s particularly distressing for the family and friends to know that they are aware of the shooter’s identity. Several family members were present at the scene when the deadly shooting occurred.

Although police have identified a suspect, they have not yet released the individual’s name to the public. Meanwhile, the suspect has been active on social media platforms, including Instagram, seemingly taunting the victim’s loved ones.

The loss of Raesha, who was known for her infectious smile and vibrant personality, has left her friends grieving. Both friends intend to reach out to the DeKalb police to provide any information that could assist in the ongoing investigation.