More than 500 were hospitalized after subway trains collide

BEIJING, CHINA – A severe collision between two subway trains in Beijing resulted in the hospitalization of 515 individuals, with 102 suffering from fractures, according to official reports released on Friday.

The incident happened on Thursday night amid heavy snowfall in the hilly western region of Beijing. The mishap took place on an elevated section of the Changping line, a component of the city’s extensive subway network.

The city’s transportation authority attributed the accident to slippery tracks, which triggered the automatic braking system of the leading train. The subsequent train, descending a slope, skidded and failed to halt in time, resulting in the collision. This information was shared by the transportation authority via a social media statement on Friday.

Emergency services, including medical personnel, police, and transportation authorities, swiftly responded to the crisis. By 11 p.m., all passengers had been evacuated. As of Friday morning, 25 passengers were still under observation, and 67 remained in the hospital, as per the authority’s statement.

The unusual heavy snowfall, which began on Wednesday, has led to the suspension of certain train services and the closure of schools. Warnings for icy roads, extreme cold, and additional snowfall are still in effect. Overnight temperatures were expected to drop to -11 degrees Celsius (12 degrees Fahrenheit).

Despite the harsh winter storms that have affected a broad region of northern China, no fatalities have been reported. Although Beijing is known for its bitterly cold winters, such heavy snowfall is uncommon.