Mosquitoes in Winter? Dr. Treyger Reveals Top Tips to Keep Bites at Bay During Summer

CHESTERFIELD, MICHIGAN: As summer approaches, the pesky issue of mosquitoes buzzing around can quickly become a nuisance, disrupting outdoor activities and causing discomfort. Dr. German Treyger, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of St. Clair Dermatology in Chesterfield, Michigan, shares valuable insights on preventing mosquito bites during the upcoming season.

In the battle against mosquitoes, choosing an effective bug spray containing DEET or picaridin can help ward off these unwanted pests. These active ingredients work by masking your natural scent, making you less appealing to mosquitoes. Along with traditional bug sprays, natural alternatives like oil of lemon eucalyptus have also been proven to be safe and effective in repelling mosquitoes.

To further protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites, taking additional steps such as removing standing water from your surroundings, wearing long sleeves and socks in mosquito-prone areas, and keeping doors and windows closed can help minimize contact with these insects. Permethrin, an insecticide that can be used on clothing and gear, is another option to repel mosquitoes when used responsibly.

While natural fragrances like citronella, lavender, and cinnamon oil can also deter mosquitoes, Dr. Treyger emphasizes the importance of choosing products with DEET or picaridin for optimal protection against mosquito bites. Although natural remedies may offer some level of protection, they may not provide adequate defense against these pests.

In conclusion, being proactive in mosquito prevention measures, from using effective bug sprays to eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, can help ensure a more enjoyable outdoor experience this summer. By incorporating a combination of preventative techniques, individuals can minimize the risk of mosquito bites and enjoy their time outdoors without interruption.