Murder-suicide leaves 12-year-old boy and Oregon man dead

A devastating incident unfolded in Damascus, Oregon on Wednesday. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office released reports that a murder-suicide claimed the lives of a 12-year-old boy and a 34-year-old man from Hillsboro. Authorities were alerted to a potential restraining order violation at a residence on Southeast Delia Street around 6 p.m. Witnesses in the area also reported seeing a man armed with a gun.

As deputies approached the house, a vehicle raced past them, prompting a deputy to shoot out two of its tires. However, the vehicle continued towards the home, and by the time the deputies reached the scene, the driver, identified as a “concerned family member,” had already entered the house.

Upon entering the residence, deputies discovered the lifeless bodies of the boy and the man, identified as Rickoshay Allen Kerr. Both had sustained gunshot wounds and were pronounced dead at the scene despite efforts to save them. Tragically, two dogs were also found shot and killed inside the house. Investigators believe that Kerr, the driver of the vehicle, forcibly entered the property by ramming his car through a closed gate and into the garage.

The community of Damascus is left in shock and mourning following this heartbreaking event. The motive behind this tragic incident remains unknown. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office has not released any further details regarding the relationship between the boy and Kerr, nor have they disclosed any information about the restraining order violation that initially prompted the deputies’ response.

The Clackamas County Homicide and Violent Crimes Unit, along with the Clackamas County Interagency Major Crimes Team and the District Attorney’s Office, are currently conducting an ongoing investigation into the incident.