Musicians Snoop Dogg and Master P sue Walmart and Post Foods in sabotage attempt

In Lakeville, Minnesota, rappers Snoop Dogg and Master P have filed a lawsuit against Post Foods and Walmart, alleging that the companies deliberately kept their cereal off store shelves and hidden in stockrooms to undermine the product’s success.

The lawsuit, filed in Dakota County, Minnesota, claims that Post Foods initially offered to buy Snoop Cereal outright, which the rappers rejected, as their goal was to promote minority-owned businesses. Eventually, an agreement was reached in 2022, but the suit alleges that Post did not treat Snoop Cereal as its own brand, despite its successful sales when placed on store shelves.

Snoop Dogg and Master P established Broadus Foods in 2022 with the aim of creating opportunities for minority-owned food products, with Snoop Cereal being a prominent product under the company. Their partnership with Post Consumer Brands was intended to get Snoop Cereal in stores where Post cereals were sold.

After signing a contract with Post to take over all production aspects of Snoop Cereal, including manufacturing, packaging, retail, sales, distribution, and transportation, the lawsuit claims that Post and Walmart did not fulfill their agreement to treat Snoop Cereal as one of its own brands and distribute it to major retailers.

The lawsuit includes examples of frustrated consumers searching for Snoop Cereal in stores, only to be told that it was unavailable, while boxes of the cereal were discovered in stockrooms. The suit also alleges that Walmart is responsible for shelf-placement and can code cereal boxes as “no location,” which results in them being kept in the stockroom or discounted.

Post Consumer Brands and Walmart have not yet responded to the allegations in the lawsuit, but in statements to NBC Los Angeles, they expressed disappointment in the consumer demand for Snoop Cereal.

The lawsuit, which includes claims of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud and collusion, seeks damages exceeding $50,000 and a jury trial. Civil rights attorney Ben Crump is representing Snoop Dogg and Master P in the lawsuit, emphasizing the importance of minority-owned companies receiving fair treatment.

The rappers are determined to seek justice and ensure that their brand, Snoop Cereal, receives the recognition and treatment they believe it deserves.