Mystery jumper’s body split in half by impact of 750-foot fall from hotel rooftop

A shocking incident unfolded at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manhattan, leaving guests and staff bewildered. An unidentified man, clad in pajamas, leaped to his death from the hotel’s rooftop, causing a gruesome scene. The tragic event has sparked curiosity and speculation among those staying at the five-star establishment.

Louisa Gassab, a guest from Paris, France, expressed her shock and confusion over the incident. She discovered the man’s lifeless body covered by a sheet on the ground. Seeking answers, Gassab approached hotel staff, but they remained tight-lipped about the incident. The mysterious jumper, who did not appear to be a guest or resident, gained access to the building through a freight elevator before plunging approximately 750 feet to his demise.

The impact of the fall was so severe that the man’s body was split in half upon hitting the hotel entrance’s glass awning. Authorities discovered one of his arms across the street, near blood-splattered scaffolding. Although the rain had washed away the blood by Friday afternoon, shattered glass from the awning still littered the sidewalk near 80 Columbus Circle. The area was cordoned off with a velvet rope, separating it from the opulent hotel, where rooms with stunning Central Park views command prices exceeding $1,195 per night.

As of Friday, the identity of the 5’10, 200-pound mystery jumper remained unknown. The hotel staff informed the police that they were unaware of his identity. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel occupies the top 19 floors of the 55-story Deutsche Bank Center tower, which is home to various celebrities and affluent individuals, including Jay-Z and Tom Brady.

The incident has left both guests and staff at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel perplexed as they grapple with the tragic event that unfolded within their midst. Authorities continue their efforts to identify the jumper and determine the circumstances surrounding his fatal leap. The hotel management has not released any official statements regarding the incident.