Nashville police kill man who was holding roommate hostage

In Nashville, a man suspected of holding a housemate hostage at knifepoint was shot and killed by the police after advancing towards them with the weapon.

Late on Monday, a confrontation ensued, resulting in a man holding another individual hostage within a residence, as outlined by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Metro Nashville Police entered the premises and attempted to engage the suspect by communicating through a door. They took immediate action and entered the room upon hearing distressed cries, according to an official statement.

The suspect, Joshua Kersey, aged 30, approached the officers wielding a large knife, stated the bureau. In response, an officer discharged a fatal shot, neutralizing the threat. Fortunately, no officers sustained injuries during the incident.

A Nashville police officer took down a knife-wielding man who had taken his housemate hostage, the police department confirmed. Officer Cole Ranseen was identified as the one responsible for the fatal shot, according to an official statement from Metro Nashville Police. The department elaborated that their officers engaged in negotiations with Kersey for approximately 40 minutes, communicating through the closed bedroom door. When they heard signs of struggle from within, Ranseen, accompanied by fellow officers, breached the door and fired as Kersey grappled with the housemate.

The chain of events began when Kersey’s sister sought assistance after her brother, in an intoxicated state, absconded with her vehicle keys, drove away, and later returned, sparking a heated argument with family members including his mother, sister, and four children. All these individuals vacated the residence prior to the police intervention, as detailed by law enforcement. However, authorities have not disclosed specifics regarding Kersey’s relationship with the hostage.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Metro Nashville Police are actively conducting ongoing investigations into the shooting, with additional information expected to be unveiled in the coming days.