Neighbor attacks 6-year-old boy with a baseball bat in ‘random’ attack

GEORGETOWN, TX – A six-year-old boy from Texas has been in a coma for over a week following a brutal assault by his 39-year-old neighbor. The child, identified as Jeremy, sustained severe brain injuries and multiple skull fractures after being attacked with a baseball bat in the early hours of September 11, according to local law enforcement and media reports.

The alleged assailant, Daniel Logan, was apprehended and faces charges of child injury and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a family member. Both charges are first-degree felonies. Logan is also accused of attacking his own mother with the same bat, as reported by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident came to light when Logan’s wife dialed 911 after her mother-in-law emerged from the child’s home covered in blood, screaming that Logan was attacking everyone inside. The wife told investigators that she had woken up to loud noises and discovered her husband missing from their home, with their back door left open.

Upon investigating, she noticed a hole in the picket fence separating their property from Jeremy’s family’s property. She also observed that the family’s glass patio door had been shattered. She then heard screams from inside the neighbors’ house and saw Logan’s mother emerge, bloodied and calling for help.

Logan’s mother later recounted from her hospital bed that she had seen her son enter the neighbors’ home with a baseball bat. She followed him upstairs where she found Jeremy unconscious on the floor of an upstairs bedroom. When she confronted her son, he allegedly struck her in the face with the bat.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office has not disclosed a motive for the attack. The boy’s father declined to comment on whether he knew his son’s attacker due to the ongoing investigation. The incident has been described by the sheriff’s office as a “random act.”

A GoFundMe campaign set up for Jeremy and his parents has already raised over $200,000 for his medical expenses. Jeremy’s father, Arthur, updated supporters on his son’s condition, stating that Jeremy remains in critical care but is showing signs of movement and responsiveness.