Nevada man accused of stabbing wife to death in a fit of jealous rage

A Nevada man has been charged with open murder after allegedly killing his wife during a fit of jealousy. Alexander Fitzgerald Marshall, 62, stands accused of the crime, which took place in Las Vegas. The incident unfolded as the woman’s son and daughter desperately tried to contact law enforcement to save their mother’s life.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Clark County Jail records, Alexander Fitzgerald Marshall has been charged with one count of open murder. The police allege that Marshall killed his wife, Ma-Del Sagrario Diaz-Torres, during a prolonged fit of jealousy. The incident occurred several days after Diaz-Torres spoke to a male waiter in Spanish during a dinner at a restaurant, sparking his murderous reaction.

Late on Monday night, the woman’s son flagged down a patrol car, informing the officers that his stepfather was strangling his mother. Upon entering the home, the officers discovered Diaz-Torres lying unresponsive on a couch with apparent blood and multiple sharp force injuries to her chest. The woman’s daughter later revealed that the couple had been arguing for days due to Marshall’s excessive jealousy over her interactions with other men.

The daughter recounted the events of the night, stating that she arrived home to find her mother being choked by Marshall on the couch. When she attempted to intervene, Marshall threatened to harm her if she interfered. Fearing for her safety, the daughter ran into a bathroom and called 911, but due to the long wait time, she hung up and called her brother instead. During this time, she heard her mother stop screaming and assumed she had lost consciousness. However, she later heard her mother screaming again, prompting her to flee the house.

Diaz-Torres’ son, who had received a call from his sister, rushed home with the officers who had been flagged down. Upon discovering his mother’s lifeless body, he began shaking her. Because of this, officers to instructed him to step outside the house. Meanwhile, Marshall fled the scene and was pursued by the police. After a pursuit intervention technique was used, Marshall barricaded himself inside his truck before finally being apprehended.

During a subsequent interview, Marshall admitted to experiencing marital problems and confirmed the argument about the waiter. He also confessed to choking Diaz-Torres but claimed to have no recollection of what triggered his actions. Marshall further admitted to retrieving a kitchen knife and stabbing his wife multiple times.