Nintendo Store

Don’t Miss Out on These Epic Savings on the Best Nintendo Switch Games!

New York, NY – As Prime Day approaches, Nintendo is offering its own selection of discounts on popular Switch games to rival Amazon’s deals. The Nintendo Store is featuring epic savings, with prices starting as low as $4 on select titles.

Among the standout deals at the Nintendo Store is Cuphead for just $13, a 30% discount on the stylish action-platformer known for its high level of challenge. Additionally, Hades is on sale for $9, down from $24, and Persona 5 Tactic is currently 50% off for a limited time.

Other notable deals include the Tomb Raider I-III Remastered collection for $22, Dave the Diver for $13, and Mario + Rabbids Sparks for Hope for $19. These discounts are just a few of the many offers available at the Nintendo Store.

For those who prefer physical game cards over digital downloads, early Prime Day deals on Nintendo Switch games are also available. The variety of deals and discounts make it an opportune time for Switch owners to expand their game collections at affordable prices.

With Prime Day on the horizon, consumers have the chance to take advantage of competitive deals from both Amazon and Nintendo. Whether shopping for digital downloads or physical game cards, there are plenty of options to suit every gamer’s preferences and budget.

Nintendo’s offerings serve as a compelling alternative to Amazon’s Prime Day deals, providing customers with a diverse selection of discounted games to choose from. The competition between these two retail giants ultimately benefits consumers, who can enjoy significant savings on popular titles for their Nintendo Switch consoles.