Nursing student abducted and buried alive in horrific act of vengeance

In a shocking act of vengeance, a nursing student was abducted and buried alive by her ex-boyfriend in Australia’s Flinders Ranges. The court heard the horrific details of the crime during the sentencing submissions at the Supreme Court. The victim, Jasmeen Kaur, 21, from Adelaide, was killed by Tarikjot Singh in March 2021. Singh pleaded guilty to murder, revealing the chilling circumstances surrounding the incident.

On March 5th, Jasmeen was abducted from her workplace and driven over 400 miles while bound with cable ties in the trunk of a car borrowed by Singh. He then inflicted cuts to her throat before burying her in a shallow grave. Although the neck injuries were not fatal, Jasmeen was conscious of her surroundings when she died on March 6th. Prosecutor Carmen Matteo described the murder as a cruel act that made Jasmeen suffer immensely.

Jasmeen’s family, including her mother, attended the court proceedings to hear the sentencing submissions. The court learned that Singh planned the killing as an act of revenge, unable to move on from the end of their relationship. Matteo emphasized the uncommon level of cruelty involved in Jasmeen’s murder, highlighting the unknown timeline of events leading up to her death and burial.

Prior to Jasmeen’s death, Singh had written several messages to her, expressing his anger and intentions. However, he never sent these messages. Initially, Singh denied murder, claiming that Jasmeen had committed suicide and that he had buried her body. However, he later led officers to the burial site, where they discovered Jasmeen’s belongings and looped cable ties.

During the court hearing, Singh was informed that he would be sentenced to life imprisonment for his heinous crime. The tragic incident occurred just one month after Jasmeen had reported Singh to the police for stalking, further highlighting the severity of the situation.