Ohio man charged with murdering his girlfriend’s baby in infant abduction case

An Ohio man has been charged with the murder of a 7-month-old girl, whom he allegedly abducted following a car crash last month. Johnathon J. Baker, 23, is accused of aggravated murder in connection with the incident that resulted in the tragic death of his girlfriend’s infant daughter. The case against Baker was filed on July 11, and details regarding the formal allegations are currently limited.

As previously reported, Baker is accused of stealing the baby and fleeing the scene in a yellow Camaro. An off-duty police officer spotted the vehicle in the City of Tiffin and alerted law enforcement, leading to a pursuit. The Tiffin Police Department stated that Baker had expressed homicidal and suicidal intentions and had allegedly confessed to killing the baby. The suspect was also reported to be armed with a firearm. During the chase, the Camaro crashed into two residences, causing significant damage. Fortunately, no one was inside the homes at the time.

Law enforcement officers, including deputies from the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, attempted to stop the Camaro. Eventually, they managed to extract both Baker and the infant from the vehicle and performed CPR before rushing them to a nearby hospital. The baby girl was initially alive but in critical condition, while Baker himself was also in critical condition. The child later succumbed to her injuries from the crash, but the official cause of the infant’s death has not yet been released. Baker is currently receiving treatment at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Toledo.

Chilling 911 calls made after Baker’s arrest shed light on the situation. In one call, the defendant asks if there is anything he should say before saying his goodbyes. Another caller informs the dispatcher that the baby’s mother is tracking Baker’s location through his cellphone, which he had forgotten to turn off. This information was shared with the police to aid their investigative efforts.