Ohio mother pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter in toddler’s bathtub death

CINCINNATI, Ohio- A 28-year-old mother from Ohio has entered a guilty plea after receiving charges of involuntary manslaughter. These charges came about as a result of the tragic death of her 3-year-old son, according to court documents. The plea deal, finalized on Wednesday, will see additional charges of child endangerment against Molly Krebs dropped.

The incident occurred on December 1, 2022, when Cincinnati Police were summoned to Krebs’ residence in Avondale. Upon arrival, they found the lifeless body of her son, Jayden, submerged in a bathtub. Krebs confessed to leaving her son unattended in the bath for an extended period, exceeding 90 minutes, as per a probable cause affidavit.

Krebs, who was employed at a contracting and painting company, told investigators that she was fatigued after a long day at work. She explained that Jayden had an allergic reaction, the cause of which remains unknown, and she administered Benadryl to alleviate his hives. She then ran a bath for him, placed him in the tub, and unintentionally fell asleep after leaving the bathroom.

Upon waking and finding her son unresponsive, Krebs immediately contacted the police. Jayden was rushed to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. However, the little boy was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Following this, Krebs was apprehended by the Cincinnati Police Department’s Homicide Unit.

During the court proceedings, Krebs’ attorney, Jeffrey Adams, described the incident as a “devastating case” and “completely accidental.” Krebs, visibly upset, struggled to speak during her time on the stand. Adams noted her evident distress, stating, “You can see her devastation.”

Krebs’ sentencing is slated for September 26. Under Ohio’s sentencing guidelines, she could potentially serve up to 11 years in prison.