Ohio State Coach Steps Down from Offensive Playcalling for 2024 Season – Potential Replacement Uncertain!

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio State football coach Ryan Day has made a significant decision for the 2024 season. He confirmed that he will step back from offensive playcalling but is facing uncertainty about the status of his hand-picked successor, Bill O’Brien. O’Brien, the former Penn State and Houston Texans coach, was hired last month as Ohio State’s offensive coordinator. However, he is also a top candidate for the head-coaching vacancy at Boston College.

Day disclosed that he has “no update” on O’Brien’s status with Boston College but confirmed that O’Brien is currently working for Ohio State. The coaching situation at Boston College is expected to be resolved by the end of the week, with O’Brien being one of the key candidates for the head-coaching position.

The decision to relinquish playcalling was not easy for Day, who has been involved with the Buckeyes’ playcalling since 2017. Despite his reluctance, Day expressed confidence in O’Brien and stated that he checked all the boxes for what he sought in a replacement.

As the coaching situation unfolds, O’Brien is set to oversee a competitive quarterback room at Ohio State, complete with recent transfer additions and returning players. Day anticipates a fierce competition at quarterback, which will begin in spring practice.

Overall, Ryan Day’s decision to give up playcalling has major implications for Ohio State’s offensive strategy in the upcoming season. The uncertain status of Bill O’Brien also adds a layer of complexity to the coaching situation. The football community will be closely watching as developments continue to unfold.