OnePlus President Explains Why 7-Year Software Updates Don’t Make Sense for OnePlus 12

Shenzhen, China – OnePlus President Kinder Liu has shed light on the decision to not offer seven years of software updates with the release of the OnePlus 12 smartphone. In an interview with technology publication Tom’s Guide, Liu expressed reservations about the extended update promises made by companies like Samsung and Google, stating that such pledges may not be practical if the hardware cannot keep up.

Liu emphasized the importance of not only the software update policies but also the overall user experience of the phone. He compared a smartphone to a sandwich, explaining that while some manufacturers may promise good “filling” in terms of software updates for seven years, the “bread” representing the user experience may be subpar after four years, rendering the extended update policy irrelevant.

To support the decision, OnePlus conducted tests with TÜV SUD for the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R, simulating years of use. Based on the results, the company decided to guarantee a “fast and smooth” performance for four years. Additionally, Liu raised concerns about potential battery degradation after seven years of use, highlighting the importance of considering the overall longevity and performance of the device.

The discussion around software updates and device longevity has become increasingly relevant as smartphone manufacturers strive to offer longer support periods for their products. By providing insights into the decision-making process behind their software update policy, OnePlus aims to align the user experience with the promised software support, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.