Oregon woman jailed for waterboarding infant and placing him in freezer

GRESHAM, OR – A local woman has been handed a 30-day jail sentence following a disturbing incident in 2021, where she allegedly subjected her infant child to waterboarding and placed him in a freezer. The act was purportedly a twisted test of the father’s concern for the child. Sharday McDonald, 30, admitted to criminal mistreatment, identity theft, and witness tampering after authorities arrived at her residence in Gresham, Oregon, on October 28, 2021, in response to a welfare check. The call was prompted by reports of McDonald placing her baby in the freezer.

Upon arrival, officers reportedly heard McDonald shouting at Kendrick Neal, the child’s father, making disturbing remarks about the baby. A probable cause affidavit, as obtained by Fox News Digital, detailed the unsettling scene. McDonald was sentenced to her jail term on Tuesday, with Multnomah County Detention Center records indicating her release date as October 6.

When officers made contact with McDonald, she was seen cradling the child in a blanket. McDonald allegedly told the officer that her actions were not intended to harm or kill her son. However, photographs were discovered showing McDonald subjecting the child to waterboarding.

The officer’s account of the photographs depicted a distressing scene, with McDonald holding the baby by his clothing while water poured over his face. In one image, the baby was held at a downward angle, with water running over his face in such a way that it could only enter his nose.

While being transported to jail, McDonald reportedly stated that her actions were a “test” to see if Neal cared about their child. She allegedly confessed that she waterboarded her baby out of spite, hoping it would compel Neal to return to her apartment. A medical professional consulted by the prosecution stated that the child likely struggled to breathe during the incident, which could have had fatal consequences.