Outage Resolved: AT&T and Verizon Fix Nationwide Dropped Calls Issue After FCC Investigation

New York, NY – AT&T and Verizon have successfully resolved an outage that was causing dropped phone calls across the United States. The issue appeared to impact calls between customers of the two telecom services.

During the outage, AT&T spokesperson Jim Kimberly stated that their network was not experiencing a nationwide outage, but rather a widespread issue affecting the ability of some customers to complete calls between carriers. AT&T was collaborating closely with Verizon to identify the nature of the issue and determine necessary actions.

Verizon spokesperson Kevin H. King reassured that their network was operating normally despite acknowledging that customers in the Northeast and Midwest were facing challenges when communicating with customers of other carriers through calls or texts.

The exact start time and cause of the outage remain unknown. Data from Downdetector shows that problems may have commenced around 2 PM ET, with resolution by approximately 8 PM ET.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also taken notice of the situation. In a statement on X, the FCC acknowledged reports of consumers in multiple states encountering difficulties making wireless calls and confirmed an ongoing investigation into the matter.

In February, AT&T experienced a major outage that disrupted service for numerous customers nationwide. The carrier issued an apology for the incident and extended a $5 credit to affected customers as a gesture of goodwill.

Update June 4th, 8:26 PM ET: The outage has been officially declared resolved.