**Pickles** Can Cure Your Sore Throat Faster Than Tea and Honey!

Houston, Texas – When it comes to soothing a sore throat, the traditional remedies of tea with honey may not be the only solution. Dr. Linda Yancey, an infectious disease specialist at Memorial Hermann Health System, suggests turning to an unexpected source for relief – pickles.

According to Dr. Yancey, the properties of pickle brine, which contain a concentrated solution of salt, can help reduce inflammation by drawing out water from the tissues. This unique remedy may seem unconventional but has its roots in science and can provide temporary relief for sore throats.

The salt content in dill pickles, a type of salty pickle, is what makes them effective in combating sore throats. Sweet pickles, like bread and butter or candied pickles, do not contain enough salt to offer the same relief. Dr. Yancey advises opting for salty over sweet pickles when seeking relief for a sore throat.

While there is no exact number of pickles to consume for relief, Dr. Yancey emphasizes that this home remedy is a personal experiment, and individuals should gauge their salt intake. It is important to be mindful of the sodium content in pickles, as they can be high in salt.

Although pickles may not be a complete solution for a sore throat, they can provide a temporary decrease in symptoms for a short period. In addition to pickles, Dr. Yancey recommends other remedies such as honey, sweet tea, or salt-water gargles. However, individuals on salt-restricted diets or diabetics should be cautious with these remedies due to their high salt or sugar content.

In conclusion, while pickles may not be a cure-all for sore throats, they can serve as a temporary relief option alongside traditional remedies like tea and honey. Dr. Yancey’s unconventional suggestion offers a new perspective on treating sore throats and underscores the importance of exploring different remedies for common ailments.