Pixel Watch Update: Google Rolls Out June 2024 Security Patch and Exciting New Features to Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2!

Mountain View, California – Google has released the latest update for the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2, featuring the June 2024 security patch. The update, based on Wear OS 4, brings the devices to the “June 5, 2024” security patch level, with build number TWD9.240605.001.A1 across all four models.

The Pixel Watch June 2024 update includes significant improvements, as listed in the changelog. These improvements include enhanced on-body and off-body detection for users with wrist tattoos, car crash detection capabilities with the updated Personal Safety app, and improved fall detection algorithms for bicycle-related falls.

One notable addition in the Feature Drop for the Pixel Watch 2 is Car Crash Detection, now available for both the original Pixel Watch and PW2 models. Google has also introduced the Google Home Favorites Tile and device complication in this update.

To download the update, users can tap the “Your watch is up to date” screen in Settings > System > System updates multiple times to initiate the download process. For faster download speeds, users can disable Bluetooth in their Connectivity preferences to force Wi-Fi. Alternatively, OTA images for the update can be found on Google’s website.

Overall, Google’s latest update for the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 brings significant improvements to the devices, enhancing their functionality and safety features. Users can now enjoy a more seamless experience with the updated software and security patch, ensuring a more reliable and efficient performance from their Pixel Watches.