Pregnant model found dead inside her fridge, autopsy reveals drugs in her system

LOS ANGELES, CA – The unsettling discovery of model Maleesa Mooney’s lifeless body inside her Downtown LA apartment has sent shockwaves through the community. The LA County Medical Examiner’s Office recently classified her death as “homicidal violence,” shedding light on the disturbing circumstances surrounding her demise.

Mooney, aged 31, was found in her apartment, her mouth gagged, and her wrists and ankles bound together. The autopsy report, made public, revealed blunt force injuries on her face, head, back, and upper left arm. Additionally, traces of cocaine and other substances were found in her system, including benzoylecgonine, a cocaine metabolite, and a mix of cocaethylene and ethanol.

The autopsy report indicated that while the blunt force injuries alone might not have been acutely life-threatening, the circumstances suggested she had been involved in a violent physical altercation before her death. The role drugs and alcohol played in her demise remains uncertain.

Mooney’s tragic discovery occurred on September 12 after her concerned mother requested a “welfare check” on her daughter. Upon entering the apartment, officers found her lifeless body wedged inside the refrigerator, surrounded by a pool of blood. Based on the extensive blunt force injuries and evidence of strangulation, coroner officials determined her death to be a homicide.

Disturbingly, Mooney’s iCloud alerted her family that someone was using her devices, suggesting the perpetrator was attempting to sell her iPhone and MacBook. Mooney’s sister, model Jourdin Pauline, revealed that Maleesa was two months pregnant when she tragically lost her life and had always dreamed of becoming a mother.

It’s worth noting that Mooney had recently moved into the luxury apartment building, adding an element of mystery to the case. Her death also stirred fear among local residents. The circumstances surrounding Mooney’s demise continue to raise questions and concerns within the community.