Presidential candidate in Ecuador assassinated

In a coordinated assault, Ecuador’s presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio, was assassinated at a campaign rally in the capital city. The country’s president, Guillermo Lasso, and several local media outlets, confirmed the tragic news.

President Lasso took to a social media platform, previously known as Twitter, to express his deep shock and outrage over the incident. He offered his heartfelt condolences to Villavicencio’s bereaved wife and daughters, and assured the nation that the culprits would not escape justice.

Villavicencio, who had previously served as a lawmaker, was a prominent figure in Ecuador’s political scene. He had garnered the support of 7.5% of voters according to recent polls. The fatal shooting took place during a campaign event in Quito.

In the aftermath of the assassination, the attorney general’s office of Ecuador reported the death of one suspect in custody due to injuries from a post-incident shootout. The police also apprehended six other individuals in connection with the crime.

Social media platforms are abuzz with videos showing the aftermath of the shooting. Villavicencio is seen being hurriedly escorted to a car as gunshots echo in the background.

In response to this shocking incident, President Lasso has committed to holding an urgent meeting with top security officials to discuss the situation and ensure justice is served for Villavicencio.