Raccoon Steals the Show During Viral Marriage Proposal – Watch the Video!

Columbia, South Carolina – A surprise marriage proposal captured in a backyard has become a viral sensation, thanks to a unique twist in the filming. Nathan Demetri proposed to his then-girlfriend, Kate Jones, in a special moment that was supposed to be perfectly captured on video. However, the proposal video, filmed by one of Kate’s best friends, missed a crucial part of the special moment – the actual kneeling and “Will you marry me?” moment.

As Demetri reached for the ring, the friend filming, Mary Dawson, got distracted by a rustling noise and turned the camera just in time to capture a raccoon approaching the area. By the time Dawson panned away from the raccoon, the most important part of the proposal had already happened. Despite the video mishap, Jones and Demetri took it in stride, finding the situation hilarious. In fact, Jones’ sister was there, capturing the proposal from another angle, ensuring that the special moment was indeed caught on camera.

In the aftermath of the video mishap, comments and reactions online added to the humor of the situation. However, Jones and Demetri were not upset with their friend for the mistake, understanding that it was simply an unexpected and funny turn of events. They expressed gratitude for the unique story and were glad that it all turned out well in the end. Based on the live photos, one can see the moment Demetri gets down on one knee to pop the question – a beautiful moment that was still able to be preserved despite the unexpected raccoon interruption.

The video of the raccoon making an unexpected appearance during the proposal has since gained attention, adding a memorable and unexpected twist to what was supposed to be a typical marriage proposal. While the original video didn’t capture the entire proposal, the unique and lighthearted story became a heartwarming and amusing addition to the couple’s engagement. Overall, the unexpected presence of the raccoon made the proposal even more memorable, turning it into a story that the couple will surely cherish for years to come.