Rapper Brother Marquis from 2 Live Crew Dies at 58: Tribute from Uncle Luke

Miami, Florida – Renowned rapper Brother Marquis, a key member of the legendary rap group 2 Live Crew, has passed away at the age of 58, the group announced on social media. Born in Rochester, New York, Brother Marquis, whose real name was Mark D. Ross, joined the Miami-based hip-hop group at the young age of 19 in 1986. The group’s debut album, “The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are,” was released the same year, marking the beginning of their iconic journey in the music industry.

The cause of Brother Marquis’s death has not been disclosed at this time, but the group’s manager has confirmed the news to media outlets. Rapper Uncle Luke, also known as Luther Campbell, paid tribute to his late co-member, expressing condolences to Brother Marquis’s family and fans around the world. Uncle Luke highlighted the important fights they took on for the culture and the impactful music they created together.

2 Live Crew’s 1989 album “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” became the center of a controversial obscenity case in 1990, drawing attention to the group’s explicit lyrics and challenging the boundaries of artistic expression. The legal battle that followed, including the ban of the album and the group’s arrest for performing its songs, fueled their hit song “Banned in the U.S.A.,” emphasizing the importance of freedom of expression in music.

Brother Marquis’s contributions to 2 Live Crew, alongside fellow rappers Uncle Luke, Fresh Kid Ice, and Mr. Mixx, solidified the group’s status as hip-hop legends. Their music not only pushed boundaries but also sparked important conversations about censorship and artistic freedom in the industry. Despite facing challenges and legal battles, 2 Live Crew remained dedicated to their craft and continued to fight for their rights as artists.

Currently, the group is engaged in a legal dispute with Lil Joe Records over music rights and ownership, further highlighting the ongoing challenges in the music industry. Brother Marquis’s legacy as a pioneering rapper and a member of 2 Live Crew will continue to resonate in the world of hip-hop, celebrating his life and the impact he made through his music. In his honor, his fellow group members and fans worldwide will continue to preserve his memory and the fight for artistic expression in the industry.