Realtor finds dead body in garbage bin while getting ready for an open house

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A shocking discovery was made of a body found in a garbage bin in a garage at an unoccupied home in north Minneapolis over the weekend. The body, now identified as 51-year-old Reid Charles Johnson, was found by a real estate agent preparing the property for an open house event.

Johnson’s cause of death was determined to be multiple gunshot wounds. Despite the clues found at the scene, authorities are yet to make any arrests in connection to the incident.

The real estate agent, known as Josh, found an unfamiliar vehicle in the garage during his preparations. He noticed the back of the vehicle was full of tarps and a garbage can but was unaware of the body hidden within it. The agent contacted the Minneapolis Police, who determined that the Jeep within the garage hadn’t been reported as stolen.

On Sunday, while preparing for another open house, Josh noticed the Jeep was no longer in the garage. However, he also noticed that the tarp-wrapped garbage can was still there. Upon inspection, it was then that the horrifying discovery of Johnson’s body was made.

Johnson had an extensive criminal history, however, Josh, a former social worker and substance abuse counsellor, asserted no one deserved such a brutal ending.

The local church’s surveillance cameras captured the incident, alongside photos and the license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle gained by the police. The footage provided the authorities with valuable evidence.