Rescue operation in ends in police shooting, one suspect dead

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – On Monday, late in the morning, a rescue operation by the Scottsdale police ended in gunfire, leaving one suspect dead and two officers slightly injured in Mesa. The incident unfolded at the Moreno’s Mexican Grill parking lot, where the special assignments unit of the Scottsdale Police Department spotted two suspects detaining a man in their car, said Officer Aaron Bolin of the Scottsdale Police. The series of events escalated as one of the suspects entered the restaurant.

Choosing this moment, Scottsdale detectives advanced to liberate the victim. While effecting the rescue, police officers fired at and killed the second suspect waiting in the car, Officer Bolin detailed. Key to note is that the victim escaped injury during the operation. Meanwhile, officers stationed themselves strategically, awaiting reinforcement from the local police department.

Two police officers got injured in the course of the rescue, but not by gunfire. Their need for hospital care remains uncertain. As the first suspect remained within the restaurant, officers secured their positions. Following negotiations, the suspect exited the restaurant and surrendered without offering resistance, reported Officer Bolin.

For precautionary measures, nearby schools initiated lockdown procedures but resumed regular operation after the situation became confined to the parking lot. Students were dismissed at the usual hour. In line with departmental procedures, the officers involved in the shooting incident have been put on administrative leave. Details on the identities of those involved or the relationship between the suspects and the victim have not been disclosed.