Retail Beloved Bob’s Stores Closing All Locations After 70 Years – Massive Discounts Available Before July 14 Shutdown

MERIDEN, Connecticut – After 70 years of serving families in the northeast, Bob’s Stores is facing closure as the retail industry witnesses yet another casualty. The iconic retail giant, known for its diverse range of clothing offerings, will be closing all 21 of its locations across six states.

The decision to liquidate inventory and close the doors on July 14 was announced by the company’s president, Dave Barton, who cited financial struggles as the primary reason for the closure. Bob’s Stores, which specialized in footwear, workwear, teamwear, and everyday clothing, has been a staple in local communities for nearly seven decades.

With discounts between 30 and 70 percent being offered leading up to the closure, customers are saying goodbye to a longstanding store that has been a part of major moments in their lives. Despite expressing gratitude to vendors, suppliers, customers, and employees for their support over the years, Barton acknowledged the unfortunate necessity of the store’s liquidation.

The retail landscape has been evolving rapidly, with Bob’s Stores and its sister company Eastern Mountain Sports filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This move has implications for the 290 full-time and 481 part-time workers employed by the company, as they navigate through the challenges presented by the closure.

According to court filings, the two companies share a headquarters and distribution center in Meriden, Connecticut, where they have been based. Despite generating significant revenue in the past year, financial obligations to PNC Bank and others have contributed to the challenging situation that Bob’s Stores now finds itself in.

The story of Bob’s Stores began in 1954 when entrepreneur Bob Lapidus opened the first location in Middletown, Connecticut. Over the years, the retailer expanded to more than 35 stores throughout the Northeast before facing a series of bankruptcy filings that have ultimately led to the current decision to close all locations.

As Bob’s Stores prepares to shut its doors, it joins a growing list of retail chains facing closures in 2024. The closure of nearly 3,200 stores this year marks a 24 percent increase from the previous year, reflecting the challenges that many retailers are currently facing in the changing market landscape.

In a year where various retail companies have announced closures and bankruptcies, the closure of Bob’s Stores serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing transformations in the retail industry. With the company’s website currently “under construction” as it promises a future “enhanced online shopping experience,” the legacy of Bob’s Stores will live on in the memories of its loyal customers and the communities it has served over the years.