Romantic Interest Gone Wrong: Man Caught Trying to Break into Co-Worker’s Home with Weapons, Rope, and Handcuffs!

Royal Oak, Michigan – A lawyer with a history of romantic interest in a former co-worker was apprehended after attempting to break into her home with a collection of alarming items, as per law enforcement officials. Levi Trahern Smith, 34, was reportedly seen lurking around the woman’s residence late at night, trying to gain entry through a side door, according to the Oakland County prosecutor’s office.

Authorities revealed that Smith was equipped with latex gloves and a backpack containing a loaded handgun, a large knife, handcuffs, rope, masks, a hammer, crowbar, duct tape, and additional latex gloves when he was apprehended by the Royal Oak Police Department. The woman had previously worked with Smith and he had previously shown a romantic interest in her, according to police.

Following a tip from the woman who was awakened by the incident, police spotted Smith trying to flee from the scene before apprehending him. Royal Oak Police Chief Michael Moore praised the woman’s quick actions in alerting law enforcement, which led to Smith’s arrest and prevented a potentially dangerous situation from escalating further.

Smith now faces charges of attempted home invasion and firearms violations, with his bond set at $25,000. The Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald commended the victim for promptly contacting the authorities, emphasizing the potential severity of the situation if not for her swift response and the police’s intervention. Smith has not been reachable for comments as of now.