Sacramento Storm Knocking Out Power: When Will It End?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Sacramento region is bracing for a powerful storm with wind gusts of up to 65 mph and the potential for power outages, difficult driving conditions, and fallen trees. Hundreds of thousands of customers were left without power, with Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) reporting more than 204,000 customers affected. As of late evening, the number of impacted customers decreased to 84,662, with 1,086 outages.

The storm brought down numerous trees and power lines, leading to concerns about safety and the pace of recovery efforts. SMUD stated that more than 80 crews are working around the clock to assess damage, make repairs, and restore power. However, high wind gusts are making it unsafe for crews to make repairs, complicating the restoration process.

In response to the storm’s impact, officials are advising people to take precautions such as having flashlights ready, charging electronic devices, and being cautious of downed trees while driving. Additionally, the National Weather Service warned of potential power outages and difficult driving conditions, echoing similar storm damage in previous years.

Furthermore, PG&E’s outage map showed tens of thousands of customers without power, adding to the extensive impact of the storm. The utility companies are urging people to report any downed power lines and to stay clear of them as they may still be energized, posing a significant safety risk.

As the storm continues to affect the region, both SMUD and PG&E are working to address the widespread power outages and hazardous conditions caused by fallen debris and damaged equipment. Customers are encouraged to stay updated on the restoration efforts and to report any safety concerns to the utility companies.