Scandal: WIP Broadcaster Howard Eskin Suspended for Unwanted Advance at Citizens Bank Park

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Longtime Philadelphia sports broadcaster and radio personality, Howard Eskin, has been suspended from Citizens Bank Park for the remainder of the season after an incident involving an unwanted advance towards an Aramark employee.

The parent company of WIP, Audacy, released a statement announcing the suspension, citing an unwelcome kiss by Eskin towards the employee. Both Audacy and the Philadelphia Phillies expressed their support for the decision and emphasized the seriousness with which they address such matters.

Despite the suspension from the park, Eskin will continue his work on WIP, with the exception of this weekend. The incident has sparked an investigation and collaborative efforts between Audacy, the Phillies, and Aramark to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees involved.

Eskin, a prominent figure in Philadelphia’s sports media landscape for decades, has a storied career that includes being a key player in the launch of the first sports talk show on 610 WIP in 1986. With extensive experience in broadcast media, including stints at various television stations, Eskin has made significant contributions to the industry.

The involvement of Eskin’s son, Spike, at WIP adds another layer to the story. Spike recently rejoined the station in a prominent role, bringing his own background and experience in sports media to the table. The family connection further highlights the impact of this incident on both a personal and professional level.

As the investigation unfolds and conversations continue surrounding the incident, the actions taken by Audacy and its partners underscore the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful work environment for all employees. This development serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to address and prevent instances of misconduct in the workplace.