Sean Kingston Arrested on Fraud Charges: Mother also taken into custody in Fort Lauderdale Raid!

Authorities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida arrested singer Sean Kingston, also known as Kisean Anderson, on multiple fraud and theft charges. The arrest stemmed from a raid at his South Florida home that led to the apprehension of his mother. Kingston was taken into custody in Fort Irwin, California, and is set to be booked into a jail in San Bernardino.

Earlier on the same day, Kingston’s mother was also arrested on fraud charges at their home in Southwest Ranches, a community in Broward County. Law enforcement officers were seen at the property along with the Broward Sheriff’s Office mobile command center, which is used to coordinate police operations.

Court documents from February 2024 reveal that Kingston, a Jamaican-American musician, resides at the Southwest Ranches property which is owned by a limited liability company. The investigation that began in Dania Beach involved deputies from the Broward Sheriff’s Office serving arrest and search warrants at the residence.

Kingston’s mother, Janice Turner, 61, was arrested on various fraud and theft charges as a result of the ongoing investigation. Kingston, who was renting the mansion, is accused of failing to complete payments to VER VER Entertainment for a $150,000 entertainment system that included a 232-inch television.

In response to Kingston’s legal troubles, the artist and his lawyers have not provided further comments. Kingston, known for hit songs like “Beautiful Girls,” “Fire Burning,” and “Eenie Meenie,” has faced previous legal issues including allegations of assault and non-payment for jewelry.

Various incidents over the years, including a robbery at a nightclub, a watercraft crash in Miami Beach, and disputes with jewelers over payment, have contributed to Kingston’s legal woes. Despite these challenges, Kingston’s music career has featured collaborations with notable artists like Justin Bieber.