Secret Mission Unlocked! Destiny 2’s Final Shape Raid Reveals Surprise Ending for All Guardians

London, England – The first Destiny 2 clan to conquer The Final Shape’s raid has initiated a final mission accessible to all Guardians, marking the conclusion of the sci-fi shooter’s extensive narrative. Parabellum clan spent an impressive 19 hours overcoming Salvation’s Edge, leading to the unexpected unveiling of a secret mission post-cutscenes for all players, regardless of their completion status in the raid.

The newly revealed mission, titled Excision, allows for a maximum of 12 players in an exhilarating climax bound to stir the hearts of even the bravest Guardians. However, reports surfaced of technical errors, commonly known as “BAT” errors, affecting players in fireteams during the activity, hindering their ability to view all cutscenes completely. To address this, Bungie recommended players to undertake the activity solo or rewatch any missed cutscenes in the narrative version of Excision.

Following the resolution of the issues, Bungie continues to advise players to limit their fireteam members to six for the optimum experience in the Narrative version of Excision. Additionally, Bungie announced a livestream scheduled for June 10th at 4pm UK time (8am PT) to unveil insights into the upcoming year of Destiny 2, fueling anticipation among fans for the future of the game.

Although speculation swirls around potential details of the next Destiny adventure during the presentation, the focus remains on Destiny 2, suggesting limited information on Destiny 3. Despite the leak of DLC content online before its official PS5 launch earlier this week, players are eager to uncover new surprises and developments from Bungie in the Destiny universe.